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South Africa generates plenty of great ideas – but bringing them to international markets has proven problematic. This is why South Africa is internationally recognized for its natural beauty and diversity – and not for its innovative approaches to provide cutting edge solutions. Other countries are more innovative in the development of new products and processes, but also decisively quicker at bringing their venture capital ideas to the market.

If there can be no sustainable growth without innovation, then we must focus all our attention on encouraging and supporting entrepreneurs, and to clear the way for the innovative ideas to find their way to the market. At the same time, we must tap additional sources of funding in order to transform brilliant ideas into profitable products.

A new, lasting enthusiasm for entrepreneurial activity, especially from younger people, is also a key ingredient. No risk, no fun! Examples in other countries indicate that start-ups can kick-start entire national economies.

Thus, it is high time that South Africa also finds a structure within which it makes sense to take risks and bring innovative ideas to tangible reality. Prof. We started a Venture Capital Blog, Highly Profitable Ventures

Our aim is to share high quality startup companies and money making ventures available in South Africa, to South African’s and anyone abroad.

This unique blog instantly provides amateur and seasoned investors in becoming successful in South Africa.

Welcome to Highly Profitable Ventures South Africa.